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Lore Blancke is an Embodiment and Intimacy Coach. Known for her gentle yet straight-forward manner, she makes intimacy accessible for everyone through 1-on-1 sessions and workshops. She is passionate about the wisdom of the body as a gateway to a richer and more conscious life.

Deep connection
Listening to your body
New levels of intimacy
Concious touch & growing in love
Making new choices
Creating space to feel all of life


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More about Lore

Lore Blancke is an Embodiment and Intimacy coach. She is passionate about the wisdom of the body as a gateway to a richer and more conscious life.

She created the intimacy education company, Intimate Breath, to empower people of all ages to embrace, embody and enjoy their personal lives.

Lore has studied bodywork at International Academy of Osteopathy and human sexuality through the experiential education community Embodied Intimacy. She has expert knowledge in breathwork, consent work, trauma release, constellations, tantric practices and intimacy.

Relevant education
2014-2017: Bachelor in Osteopathic Studies (Belgium)
2015: Swedish Massage Intensive (Germany)
2017: Pranic Living 10 day Process (Austria)
2017: The Invitation by Mike Lousada & Louize Mazanti (Belgium)
2018: Ultimate Goddess retreat (Spain)
2018: Authentic Relating training level 1 (Netherlands)
2018: Like a Pro, Wheel of Consent (Belgium)
2018: Embodied Intimacy Intensive (Netherlands)
2018-2019: Embodied Intimacy yeartraining (Sweden)
2019: Belly2belly Facilitator training (Sweden)
2019-2020: Embodied Intimacy yeartraining Assisting (Sweden)
" The workshop Lore hosted at Eigentijdse Jongerenfestival gave me a renewed love for breathwork. She creates a safe and pleasant space where I could deeply let go in. Both Lore and her exercises are touching and loving. It's so unfortunate that she lives (all the way!) in Belgium, otherwise I would come every week to a workshop."
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