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We are not made to do everything by ourselves. And we do not need to.

All of us yearn for someone who walks beside us — someone we can trust and holds space for us.

I would like to be that person for you. I promise to be fully present with you in everything that arises.


Embodiment coaching

Now online!

These sessions are a body-oriented, holistic and presence-based approach for any issue you may have. I like to create a space where we slow down together, bring awareness to what is happening inside us to make room for what wants to be felt or seen.

Maybe you feel like you are living your life but don’t feel fully alive. Or perhaps you feel stuck in patterns and tend to go in circles. Do you sometimes experience your emotions as too much?

I have helped many clients reconnect with their body and emotions through embodiment practices.

Our bodies are constantly giving us valuable and important information about our ways of coping and our strategies of survival. These strategies appear in many forms that affect our quality of life in the most subtle ways.

I help my clients get to know how it feels to be in their body and recognize these strategies as they come up in real time, in order to make new choices in daily life.

I am here to give you the loving support you need to find yourself again.

Surrender into intimacy

Surrender into Intimacy combines both intimacy and bodywork to create sessions that are designed for you individually or with your partner (couple’s session).

These sessions are for people who feel stuck in their love life or experience a lack of body-to-body contact. They may be getting the same feedback or response when they are in intimate situations and are unsure what to do.

Some of my clients want to experience a specific desire or wish in a safe and held space. In that case we work towards this desire and look closely at what arises for you in that slow and embodied journey.

Whatever draws you to this experience, we will always begin by deeply connecting with our bodies. I often breathe together with my clients before suggesting gentle embodiment practices or more intense emotional release techniques that help us sink deeper into ourselves.

From there, the session will unfold organically depending on what seems most beneficial for healing. 

Tantric 4-Hand Massage

This luxurious session is the perfect gift for yourself or the one you love. This is a full-body massage designed to awaken your senses and nourish your soul. It’s a unique experience to get the attention of two passionate bodyworkers.

A tantric massage is the ultimate quality time for you to connect more deeply with your body and your emotions. We start the ritual sitting together, breathing life in our bodies and attuning to each other.

In this experience of sensational touch and care, we welcome whatever wants to be felt. This all-inclusive space allows you to feel sensuality and (sexual) pleasure, to allow it as well as contain it.
This is great nurturing for mind, body and soul. 

Duration: 2h

We always have a moment to arrive, land and have a talk about your desires and your boundaries.

This is in collaboration with Minne Marlo from Compass to Connection. 

We set aside one day every month for tantric massage. You can find this on the calendar. Let us know if that doesn’t work for you and we’ll bring our calendars together to find another time.


"Thank you, Lore, for helping me connect with a part of myself that needed a great deal of kindness and awareness. I enjoyed the way you compassionately explored what I was unable or unwilling to look at since I was quite young. I feel rejuvenated. You are a gifted healer with a talent for helping people who have been hurt by early trauma. I put my palms together and bow deeply in gratitude."

My approach is founded on the practices of Breathwork, Focusing, Bodytalk, Wheel of Consent, constellation work, trauma release, Embodied Intimacy, Belly2Belly, Authentic Relating and Circling. My work is also trauma-informed.

Please contact me here to book a session, ask questions or give feedback.

The first session always includes an intake to see if we are a good match.

My offerings are open to people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations. Every meeting is unique and custom designed for your own growth and education.

Location: all sessions take place in Ghent. More details upon booking.

Disclaimer: my workshops and coaching are not psychological counseling or psychotherapy.
I don’t make any diagnoses or give medical advice.

Here you can read my terms and conditions

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